Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hungry 4 History Challenge 7 January 23, 2014

Here are your questions:

  1. What can be described using terms that show connections between two places such as “next to,” “near,” “bordering?”
  2. The natural border between the Coastal Plain (Tidewater) and Piedmont regions, where waterfalls prevent further travel on the river is called what?
  3. Name the eight American Indian Tribes that are recognized by the state of Virginia.
  4. How did the American Indians meet their basic needs in the Spring?
  5. Who explored the Dismal Swamp and Lake Drummond?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hungry 4 History Challenge 6 January 21, 2014

Here are your questions:

  1. Virginia's capital, Richmond, is located along which major river?
  2. The Blue Ridge Mountains Region and the Valley and Ridge Region are both a part of the________________ _________________.
  3. The Tidewater region has many rivers and peninsulas. The peninsula which lies between the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay is called the __________
  4. The Appalachian Plateau is located in what part of Virginia?
  5. Name the eight American Indian tribes that are currently recognized by the state of Virginia.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Hungry 4 History Challenge 5 January 20, 2014

Here are your questions:

  1. Beans, corn, and squash were grown during which season?
  2. Where was Christopher Columbus originally headed when he set sail from Europe?
  3. The Cherokee were part of which language group?
  4. Describe the climate in Virginia.
  5. How do Virginia's American Indians live today?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hungry 4 History Challenge 4 Januaey 16, 1014

Here are your questions:

  1. In Virginia there were three different languages spoken by American Indians. Which language was spoken in the Piedmont Region?
  2. In which region of Virginia would you find flat land?
  3. Although American Indians  still live in all parts fof Virginia, what has changed for them over time?
  4. On Monday we are going to discuss the way American Indians met their needs in the different seasons. During what time of year did they grow crops and hunted for foods to preserve for the winter?
  5. Virginia can be divided into 5 geographic regions. What is the natureal border between the Piedmont and Coastal Plain regions?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hungry 4 History Challenge 3 January 14, 2014

  1. The Chesapeake Bay was a major source of what in early Virginia History?
  2. What two large bodies of water border Virginia?
  3. What am I?: I am east of the Appalachian Plateau and part of the Appalachian Mountains.
  4. What am I doing?: I am a farmer who needs soap. I have thirty ears of corn that I can offer to the soap maker in exchange for the soap.
  5. Where did I live?: I speak the language of Iroquoian. I am a member of the Nottoway tribe.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Hungry 4 History Challenge 2 January 13, 2013

Here are today's Questions!
  1. I am a Virginian who enjoys the outdoors. Where I live there are lots of opportunities to enjoy hiking and camping. I love the scenery here where the mountains are old and rounded. I can't wait until Spring when I can start camping again.
  2. My cousin wrote me a letter asking me about the first English settlement in North America. He said that he knew that the settlers face many hardships. Can you help me name three of these?
  3. Virginia is a good place to live. I enjoy the climate here, it allows the plants to grow. How would you describe Virginia's climate?
  4. My favorite time of year is the Fall. What did the American Indians do for foos in the Fall?
  5. I heard on the news that there are scientists that are studying artifacts at Jamestown to get more information about how the settlers and American Indians lived in the past. What are the scientists called?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hungry 4 History Challenge 1 January 9, 2014

Here are your questions:

  1. __________ which have a variety of trees, cover most of the land in Virginia.
  2. In 1607 Jamestown was settled. Why did England want to start a colony in North America?
  3. Who financed the settlement of Jamestown?
  4. Which geographic region contains only a small part of a plateau which is located in Virginia?
  5. Name the five states that border Virginia.